Technological capability

Technological capability

          Technological opportunities of the company allow carrying out a full cycle of production, from the stage of product design specifications to the phase of the after-sales service and maintenance and repair.

          The production base of the company consists of procuring shop, shop of steel structures, machining shop, machining-assembly shop and heat treatment shop.

          The machinery is equipped with universal and specialized equipment, as well as CNC machines. The available equipment allows machining of parts up to 20 tons.

          The machinery equipment includes:

-  turning and thread-cutting lathe;

-  boring, horizontal and coordinate machines;

-  pillar shaper, drilling machine, milling machines, grinding machines;

-  gear-cutting machine, gear shaping machine;

-  welding and surfacing equipment;

-  belt-saw and cutting-off machines;

-  heat-treatment machinery;

-  locksmithery and assembly equipment;

         The available equipment allows different complexity repair - replacement of bearings and other parts, reduction of worn places, seating surfaces for bearings and bushings, reinforcement and modernization of units.

         To perform the installation or repair work on the premises of the customer using a special mobile and portable equipment that allows to perform machining of large parts without dismantling and transportation.

         “Production Company “PromGroupp”, LLC has strong relationships with the processing plants for performing complex castings or forging stocks made of any material.

         The machinery equipment of company is actively being developed to enhance the technological capabilities, to improve the accuracy and quality of products, as well as improving productivity and competitiveness.

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