Manufacture and repair

Manufacture and repair

          One of the main specialties of our company is the manufacture or repair of various components, machines, or individual parts of non-standard equipment. Activity - is mining equipment, processing equipment, transportation and lifting equipment and various steel structures. Also we carry out orders for manufacturing various products of other sectors of industry.


-  coupling half;

-  rotors;

-  tooth wheels, crown gears, pinions, gear shafts, excavator mechanism axis;

-  blocks and half-blocks;

-  pulleys;

-  tension, supporting and leading wheels;

-  bearing housings;

-  welded steel structures of supports, frames, housings;

-  driving, tension and deflector drums;

-  roller bearing wheels;

-  tapered and linear bushings;

-  central pins, rail rings;

-  ladles with capacity from 4,6 м³ to 15 м³; and parts for it (teeth, bottoms, walls);

-  mine cart VG-4,5;

-  vibrating and lead-belt screen;

-  clickworks;

-  roller drilling machine units;

-  units of EKG-5; EKG-8; EKG-10;

-  pallet cars;

-  track links and other units;

-  ball collector and trommels;

-  self-propelled bin;

-  calcination cars and others,

        For more information about the manufactured equipment, see "Products".

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