We are ready to take orders for different machining operations. Weight of parts for machining - up to 20 tons with an accuracy of 6-7 Qualitet.

           The machinery equipment allows:

-  lathe turning parts with external cylindrical, conical and spherical surfaces with a diameter up to 1450 mm;

-  hole making and other the internal axial surfaces by drilling and boring machines, with a diameter of 800 mm;

-  flat surface machining with the help of groups of milling machine, planer and slotter;

-  finishing machining with the help of cylindrical grinder, internal grinder machine and file board sender;

-  tooth parts treatment (involute gearing).


              Also, our company renders services of processing of parts and vessels without dismantling at the customer premises. For such works are used specialized mobile machines of turning, drilling , boring and milling groups that perform processing in any position by fixing on the part itself.

             We have an opportunity to conduct heat treatment for all details (including the thermochemical treatment) in furnaces and by HFC.  

             For more information about the possibilities of machining, see "The technological capabilities."


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